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PLEASE adopt my family for christmas!!!! <3

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littlelacie   in reply to Etjsbkd
ok,I don't understand.where does it say you are still online when you logout?
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Etjsbkd   in reply to littlelacie
Oh okay. I understand now. Thank you so much for helping me out. I appreciate it.
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littlelacie   in reply to Etjsbkd
This site does not adopt anyone,there is no cash here to do it.If someone else wants to,that's fine. They can adopt a family.We have no way to filter anyone to see if they are legit,for adoption or otherwise.It is up to personal getting ready for church now,will check that out when I get back,thanks.
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Etjsbkd   in reply to littlelacie
Hello! Thank you for reaching out. I'm still a bit confused on how this works I hope you don't mind me bothering you. I'm a tad confused. You say you don't adopt families in the first line here but then say you can? Is there like a filtering process to make sure the person is legit? Is it totally up to personal judgement? Also, I don't know if you can help with this or not, but when I log out, it still makes me as online. Do you know how to fix this? I don't want anyone to think I'm ignoring them.
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littlelacie   in reply to Etjsbkd
Hi,we do not actually adopt anyone for Christmas on here,since this is an information site with no funding. There was a lady I spoke to yesterday that really wanted someone to adopt her family for Christmas since she had got laid off from work.She goes by Keke1 on here she has children at home but we were not given their ages.I told her if I knew of anyone thinking of adoption for Christmas that I would let that person know. So just post to keke1 on this site,and she will answer your questions about her family.And if you have any questions post back to me,I will help. and about the Aiden ad. Sometimes people come on this site and read something and then come back with questions and wanting to talk to someone that they read their posting.see lots of people do not notice the posting is older,sometimes as much as 10 years. the ad needing Christmas help for Aiden is 6 years old,but people see Aiden's mom ask,"Please adopt my family for Christmas"" so they want to contact Aiden's mom to see if she wants to adopt their family.they post messages to people that have not been on here for years and of course that person does not answer them,so we explain that the person they posted to has not been on this site for years so we will help them,with their question.but yes,keke1 really would like for her kids to be adopted for Christmas,so please go ahead and contact her today,on this site.Thanks!
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Hi. I've noticed this original post was made in 2009, but people continue to comment in 2015. Anywho, can anyone tell me how you adopt a family? Do you do that here?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to mpriscilla
Hi all we can do is give information on here where u mite get help. Please look though today post u will see Christmas list of places where u mite get help they only help kids newborn to 12 years of ages. But please take your phone number off here u mite get calls that can be bad for u. This time of year with get scams on here i wouldn't want that to helped.
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littlelacie   in reply to mpriscilla
Hi,Aiden's mother has not been on this site since 2009,when she came on to ask for help for her family.most likely she is unable to adopt anyone's family,sorry.
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Hi im priscilla im a single mom I have 3 kids two boys and a girl my
Christmas please adopt my family ...
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littlelacie   in reply to aj2014
hi again you sent a message to "aiden is loved"s mom about 6 hours ago,or thats what showed up.sometimes things get messed up on here.but I was just saying,you probably won't hear from her..we posted the list of Christmas help 2 hours ago you can sign your daughter up for some Christmas help.
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aj2014   in reply to littlelacie
Okay I don't think I said anything about aidens mother so why r you sending that message to me I'm new to this so I'm still learning about this site
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littlelacie   in reply to aj2014
Hi,needed to tell you Aiden's mother has not been back on this site since 2009.We post a list of Christmas help every day,on this site,check it out.
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Hi my name is Donna and I'm coming out for help for my 15 month old baby girl Angel even though she doesn't know what Christmas is about yet so I'm coming for help this year for her she's my life my everything and I'm not able to get anything for her I'm working part time right now just to pay bills and try and get things that she need this is my first baby after four loss I'm 38 years old her dad is not around it's just me and her I try to do all can until I find full time work it's even hard trying to find someone to watch her, so I'm asking please help her this it would mean so much to know there's good people out there. Thank you for time and may God continue to keep blessing you
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lisau   in reply to SisterServant
Yes i just removed my address thank u so much and i thank jesus for you giving me some good advice on removing my persanol infoon my post. And thanks once agin god bless u .
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SisterServant   in reply to lisau

Please take your home address off of this front page. Delete it immediately. Sometimes, we get scammer or other unkind people on this website. Only give your personal information on the one to one page after you have corresponded with someone and trust them.

Secondly, begin to thank God right now for all that you have. Then thank him for providing what you need. It may not be in a way that you expect. If you need to read through some of the prayers that I have written for others on this website, visit my public page. God is waiting to help you.
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My name is Lisa Urango 38yrs old Im A Single Mother Of 5 beutyful kids 3girls an 2boys 2grandbabys boy and girl and 1on the way. I recently just lost my job of 4years Native Floral Group. Name of my resent job well im now tempararely collectingunnemployment of $250 and its very hard for my family right now were staying with my mom for christmas and we barely was able to aford a christmas treethis year i live in Campbell Ca.i am asking or someone so kind enouph to please find it in there heart to adopt my familyfor christmas this year . I pray to god to please send someone to myfamilys house and surprize my family witha wonderful joy ful christmas and gift toys and bring a bigsmile to there faces . On christam morning frm a great ful parent who will always have faith in the lord our jesus christ. Thank u
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BrittanyMommyof3   in reply to Jen505
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My name is Brittany, 29 years old. I have three children, Boy 13, Girl 6 and Girl 2. Im currently a single mom. Im struggling this christmas to give my children anything they want. As a mom thats one of the worst feelings. I had sone money saved up but my car had broke down and i had to get that fixed priority so i can get my children to school and so i can gef to work. I made a wise decision but now i have nothing for my children. If you can help that would be amazing and greatly appreciated. God bless you all, Merry Christmas.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game (ps3)

Oldest Girl:
Easy Bake Oven

Toddler Girl:
Barbies, Diapers (size6), Socks, or Children movies (frozen, nut job, the croods)

These are what they really want number one on there list. If you able to help with any we would be truly blessed!
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littlelacie   in reply to nee nee38
what kind of website?
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nee nee38   in reply to littlelacie
do you know a different website
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