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PLEASE adopt my family for christmas!!!! <3

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CajunChix   in reply to Nbeck1987
Hey there! I'm in Galliano,Louisiana (in the bayou south of New Orleans). I have two daughters and really need some help for Christmas
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I am located in New Orleans, Louisiana. I want to help a family for Christmas this year.
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Hello i am a single mother in columbus ohio. I am disabled and waiting for my disability to go through so as of now i have no income. Me and my children have been through alot in the last year, i have hyperlipedimia, hypertension, fibromyalgia, significant osteoarthritis throughout my body, and depression. I have lost one of my children he passed away so unexpectedly we are still grieving him, and i feel like my other children have loss thier mother due to my conditions i am not able to do alot of the things i used to do. So i here trying to find an angel who might help my children have a christmas this year. My children are 15 year girl, 11 year old girl, 9 year boy, twin 8 year old girls, 6 year old girl, 5 year old girl, 3 year old girl , and my 14 month old baby boy his twin brother passed away. I know it is overwhelming for anyone to even imagine helping us at. I am not asking for anything in particular just anything that someone might be able to help with would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless you all
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A Mother's Love
Please help my children have a Christmas this year lost my job,And I am a single parent cannot even afford a Christmas. Tree have 3 baby's I am really fighting to keep a roof over our head and food on our table Santa please help.
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santa please help   in reply to Lynnc
Around little village in Chicago
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Lynnc   in reply to santa please help
Santa, where in Chicago are you located?
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bb#4   in reply to lokita240
Yes we are stayin home to home right now
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lokita240   in reply to bb#4
do you need a place to live?
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lokita240   in reply to bb#4
hi BB
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Hello my name is Tayler, I am also interested in my family possibly being blessed with being adopted for christmas. I have 4small children a 6year old ( boy ) 4year old (girl)3year old (girl) 2year old (boy) . I am a single mother,my hildrens father passed away 9/19/2012. Shortly after I lost my job in Feb. I have been using saved cash which is now starting to run low. Any possible help would be appreciated.
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Arkeba   in reply to NikMac
im in mpls mn
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Arkeba   in reply to NikMac
I live in minneapolis minnesota
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NikMac   in reply to TINYTOES82
Where are you located?
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NikMac   in reply to Arkeba
Where are you located?
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NikMac   in reply to pinksta
Where are you located?
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NikMac   in reply to momand6babies
Where are you located?
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Hello my name is Charity I am a single mother of three. Two boys 11 and 3yrs and a girl a year old. I can usually make something happen for the holidays but this year I just don't have the means. I'm not looking for much but due to a medical situation that nearly took my life after the birth of my daughter my bills are behind. I'm struggling now to maintain. I know that God has a great plan for me an my family I know things will get better soon. Please keep us in your prayers. I'm near MD an DE if there's any way you could help we would greatly appreciate it
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mommyof4ashley28   in reply to ohana
were are you? my family is in mn and could use alot of help for christmas i have 4small children let me know if you can help? :) ashley
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disabled mommy/gigi

I know this may be a long shot with Christmas only being 31 days away but I know a family who could really use a santa clause this year this family has tried to help there community every year . And this yr they have feel on real hard times the mother is disabled due to chron's diease and is having to take humria shot every week she has a 15 yr and a 14 yr old . the 15 yr old just had a newborn. the father to theses children has not stepped up to try and help support his children the mother struggles every month to keep a roof and power for theses children she draws disability but that just covers her rent and power with maybe enough to buy her grandbaby diapers and wipes. so if anyone could plz help this family plz let me know thank u and god bless
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santa please help   in reply to ohana
We are located in Chicago.
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