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PLEASE adopt my family for christmas!!!! <3

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I also have four kids that needs to be adpoted plus im a single parent...unemployed cause its rough out here so if someone with a heart see my comment please help my family an god will bless u times 10....I have a facebook page where u could reach me:shavoncandiladymontgomery...thts my fb. name...
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Hi my name is Adrianne frye...i am a single mother of 4 children i have a low paying job its hard after i pay all the bills there nothing i was looking for someone who would be willing to adopt my kids for Christmas...there ages are 15,13,9,7...the oldest are two girls the youngest are boys...the girls are girly girls and the boys are just that boys:)..but i would love if someone out there gets my message in time and is email address is a alot.
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Hi my is Jenny I am a single mother of two beautiful children a girl that is 6 and the boy is 13...I Have no other family here in NYC then my children. I am currently unemployed and don't have any support from there father, if you can help me with any thing that you can I would be very appreciative my email is
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Hi my name is taneisha mack single parent of two girls a 6year old an 4 year old Im currently unemployed but looking for work I am under a government plan at this moment receive no income I do the best I can for my girls I have nobody on myside but God it seem like it christmas coming and I have no income but is really looking for work if its anybody or anything can help me give me a call anytime at 3996818961 or 3095738397 you can also email me at THANKS
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Hello I was wondering if there's anyone out there that can adopt my 8 and 11 year old for Christmas. Me and my husband is not working right now due to our car breaking down.the kids have excellent grades in school and are good kids and I feel bad that we won't be able to have Christmas if my family don't get help.anything will do please if it's someone out there that can lend a helping hand please email me at
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hey my name is chanell I have six children ages 17,16,15,13,5,4 I. can't afford to buy my children gifts this year because of the lack of income am receiving. I would really appreciate. if someone could help me.. let them have a good Christmas this year
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Hi my name is myra I am a single mother of two beautiful children my princess which will be 5 on Nov . 1st & a prince who will be 1 in 4 days☆ I am a full time student in Pennsylvania.i am a lil behind this year it is extremely though with school no help with my babies. Im trying the best I can cause all I want is the best for my family my son doesn't really know much but this is the age of my daughter to be excited for Santa n I'm so stress & behind afraid of letting her down she is a good baby too:( I praying that there is some help out there for our family to be adopted by someone this year & may god bless you n my family always:) I alway tell my child that every holiday is about love god n what happened on that day but for a mother it a lil depressing not to be able to provide n I understand this is life and we all go through down falls hope they r some blessing for my family this year god bless all my email is thank you
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My name is, Jessica. I am the mother of my 3 children . Two boys 10 yrs n 3 months n a 9 yr old daughter. They are my world. Christmas this year is going to be a due to myself not having employment. My car just recently broke down and my mother who was helping pay rent can no longer help me and my children. My 2 older.children and myself were in a shelter last year due to family issues and were more thankful to have our own roof over our heads but.i am
Struggling to keep it because im not working currently and i do receive state help but only enough to pay some bills but not to give my kids the Christmas they want. I pray every day with my kidz that the good Lord will.bless our family. So if anyone out there would like to help a mother of three make this one my kids can remember please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it n God Bless.
<3 mommy of 3
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I'm 33 years old and have 4 kids. I have 3 boys ages 4,7,11and 1 daughter age 8 years old. I'm looking for Christmas Angels/Angel to please help them have a Christmas this year. Its been such a rough couple years. We spent 11months in a family shelter after a home invasion,for our safety we were made to go into the shelter. We lost everything and its very hard getting back on our feet. My kids could really use a real Christmas this year.I just can't afford Christmas gifts,I'm barely making the electric bill and rent. My kids need someone to keep the magic of Santa alive for them please. I cry at night thinking about Christmas morning if I can not find a Christmas Angel's to help. I would love to be woken up Christmas morning to my kids yelling "Mom Santa came!". I pray please help any way your able. Its a true blessing and my only Christmas Wish. I do have a Amazon wish list myself and my kids made for "Santa". If you'd like you can E-mail me directly at and I could send you the link to view it. Thank you more then words could ever say.
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Hello my name is jerrice and I'm in need of some Christmas help with my family I'm currently working part time and my husband is not working due to his illness of a heart conditions and it's very hard to maintain my household all by my self I have an 10 year old son and an 4 year old daughter and my step kids is a 10 year old boy and an 12 year old boy can some one please lifte my family up with a helping please. You may feel free to email me at
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Hi my name is Chris and I am humbly asking someone to adopt my three wonderful children for Christmas.

A little bit about us. I am married to my husband 19 years with three blessings our children. Before 2009 our family has always been the family adopting other families simply because we believe in love, giving and sharing.

My husband lost his job in 2009, then came bankruptcy and then our home we lived in over 10 years was foreclosed. We are now renting. When a foreclosure and bankruptcy happens you just have to walk away and we did and let it all go. We are now renting a home and it doesn’t matter that we don’t have furniture I am so thankful we are not in a shelter.

It is December 20, 2012 and my husband came across this site and I am excited to know there is a possibility someone will adopt our children this Christmas. We have a 5 year old son and our twin (girls) just turned 18 this November in high school.

It is 5 days before Christmas and this site came into our awareness and we believe the universe will answer and use an angel to help our family this Christmas. My 5 year old son is great, he loves “cars, toys and anything he can learn from”. Our girls asked for only one thing each this Christmas a “laptop”. It has been a serious adjustment since 2009 and we believe in “keep moving forward”. We can’t change the past, we can live in the now and look forward to a better future.

If we keep looking backwards the tears and sadness from our old life will weigh us down. We have to make each day a new adventure and have faith knowing change must happen.

We are in appreciation for whatever is given to this family this Christmas and each and every day. We live in Georgia, if there is an angel available for this family I pray this post reaches you in time. God bless you all and may you all have a beautiful prosper Christmas and New Year!

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I am in the same situation I have been unemployed since September because I am pregnant, and I couldnt work where I was working. I have two boys 4 and 6, its just really hard times right now, our one car had messed up, and I got some money that I thought i was going to use for Christmas but ended up hafting to pay for the car to get out. Everywhere we turn people talk about santa, and tv always showing toys.... it just hurts my heart I do nothing :(
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Talie34   in reply to Deannahuddleston
My family is fine, do not worry. I try to teach the boys that it is important to give back whenever possible and I just hope that if one day we find ourselves in a difficult situation, someone will help us out. With all the horrible things going on in the world, if we can do a little something to help make this world a little brighter then I am all for it. We are on the East Coast, but if we act fast, with Amazon prime I can get things to you guys in time for the holidays, just not sure how to go about it without posting person info. Thoughts?
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Deannahuddleston   in reply to Talie34
We would love and appreciate that but I would hate to take away from ur family.
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Talie34   in reply to Deannahuddleston
I would love to send something for your kids.
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Deannahuddleston   in reply to Talie34
Someone last week stuck a tree on our porch which was amazing. My 12 year old daughter lives for music. Singing and playing the guitar is what she loves. My two boys 11 and 8 play baseball and dish and love being outside. Brooke my 6 year old is just a lil princess. Loves all things girly
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Talie34   in reply to Deannahuddleston
So I take it presents for the kids and any other help possible, right? What are the kids into? Do they have a wishlist of some sort? Do you guys have a tree? Would love to help, I have to run a tight ship as I have two boys myself and my husband is in school, but I can definitely extend some help. Let me kow.
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annie46   in reply to Deannahuddleston
WELL aren,t you glad next year 2013 is a year of restoration YEA YEA annie46
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Deannahuddleston   in reply to Talie34
Everything. :( this last year has been such a struggle
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