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PLEASE adopt my family for christmas!!!! <3

Aiden Is Loved started this conversation

Hi My name is Michaela I am looking for someone who want's to help make my 3 year old son christmas the best. Me and my hubby both have been unemployed for 5 monthe's and have no income at the moment. If it was not for my parents helping out we would have no Diapers, babywipes and necessities. It would be so nice to give aiden and the rest of the family a good christmas we have not had one in a long time. I am worried I may not be able to provied a nice christmas or thanksgiving for my family and it hurts me as a mother . Life is so tuff right now and I know it is for alot of other people out there as well. I pray evrey night that God will send us a angel to help my familey. We will take whatever you can give toliet paper,diapers,babywipe's,toys,food,shampooe,close exc..! I am just so blessed to have found this site. My heart also gose out to all the other family's in need and that wont have food or a place to stay this christmas I just want you all to know you are not alone. I understand how you all feel. I will keep you all in my prayers. I am a huge beliver in the power of prayer. Please if you are intrested in adopt my family for christmas send me a message.


God Bless Michaela  

                                     Aiden when he was 2


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littlelacie   in reply to mia89
Well you are very welcome!!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to littlelacie
The Christmas list is up
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mia89   in reply to littlelacie
Thank you very much I really appreciate it may God bless you
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littlelacie   in reply to mia89
The person you wrote to has not been on here for years. Tomorrow Woman in a shoe will be posting the list of organizations that are helping with Christmas this year, so be sure to come back and see the list for help with Christmas.
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How do I sign my family up to get adopted for Christmas this year
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Tobey   in reply to nique2413
Hi, I'm sorry to say this, but I have already chosen a family to help. You can keep in contact with woman in a shoe who is helping people with Christmas help resources.
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Angelica123456   in reply to Tobey
Humanitri.Org is a great organization that helps homeless families rebuild their lives.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to nique2413
Just put up the list for Christmas help
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sonshinesas   in reply to nique2413
Try salvation army, angel tree, local churches, dfacs has sign ups .
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woman in a shoe   in reply to nique2413
Hi. I will be post the resources that helps with a little bit it a public. Post
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babygirl 971997   in reply to nique2413
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nique2413   in reply to Tobey
Hello Tobey. My name is Nique an im looking for someone to adopt my family for Christmas. I am out of work an been out of work for a long while an this is the second year that i will not be able to give my babies the Christmas they deserve an want. I have three children 9,6,5 two boys an one girl im 24 an an a single parent i just want my children to have a beautiful Christmas. Please help me.
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Is there an organization, besides the angel tree, where you can adopt families for Christmas? I'm interested in adopting a family but I'm not sure how to go about it.
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ramcurr   in reply to proudmama82
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I myself have two young Boys and struggle to do much but do have some clothes the boys no longer fit into; also toys and stuffed animals along with blankets if in need of any of these things
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I am starting to get the fact that this may be a lost hope. I should have spoke up earlier, but I never imagined this would happen. I read of all the people who are in need and my heart weeps. I am so sad for all of us! I've always tried my level best to stay upbeat and positive, I know without question that God is looking out for me and my family, there are just to many times that he has rescued me when I thought all hope was gone. So, I'm going to make a very big decision right now....
I've thought long and hard about this all night last night and this is where I stand. I am going to pull myself out of the Christmas wish listing here. I believe in my heart, without question or hesitation, that if I am to receive help from an angel here, it will happen somehow, some way. I am leaving my phone number and if there is someone who wants to be my angel then I trust totally they will call. I am not better than or different than any of these other families and I have to let fate take its course here. (I've been making myself crazy checking for 1-1's every 10 minutes for what feels like forever). I believe and I trust in God, and whatever lesson I am to receive from this holiday I am prepared for. But I also still believe in Santa and the Christmas miracle, so we'll see what happens....I am at peace with my decision and I will keep all the other families in my thoughts and prayers. And I will keep the angels here who work so hard in my prayers too, thank you for all you tried to do for my family. Thank you atsmail for finding it within your heart to send me a 20 dollar gift certificate in my email, you are very kind and I will not forget you or your generosity!

Otherwise, merry Christmas to each and every one of you!!! (((Hugs)))
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MyOneWish   in reply to Scindy97
I never did find a 1-1 from you :(
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let me know where r u i will try to do as much as i can god is always there
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Hello, if anyone needs help with food, my family and I would be more than glad to share our Christmas dinner. Northeast Texas.
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Hi everyone. I have never asked for help, but have never been so down. I got laid off from my job 2 weeks ago from the irs and have nowhere to turn. I have 2 kids that are gonna be heartbroken soon. My daughter turns 7 on jan 4th so that only complicates things. If you could find it in your heart it would mean the world to me..... I have gone and sat at temp agencies for a week for hours and still jo job. My bills are stacking and my heart couldn't possibly ache anymore. I know its last minute but if could find it in ur heart we would be so thankful.... my son whose 3 is eady to please loves action figures. He is size 3t. My 6 year old daughter loves babies, monster high, girlie things. .. she's a 7/8. This was worth a shot but thanks for your time...
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